Friday, August 20, 2010

My first try at chicken quesadillas

I have been wanting to try something different for suppers, and I was thinking the other night that Chicken Quesadillas would be good to make at home!

Tonight was the night, and I have to say that they turned out very good.

4 lb whole chicken (mine was fresh)
chicken bullion cube
fajita seasoning packet
green bell peppers from the garden (frozen)

I put this all in the pressure cooker, and it took around 20 mintutes or so.

I let it cool a bit, shredded the chicken..added more seasoning, some of the cooking juice, and the bell peppers.

I cut up a tomato and added it onto the tortilla, so it was cheese, meat, tomato, cheese.

I heated up a skillet on medium and cooked them each side about 2 minutes. As they got done, i stacked them inbetwen 2 plates and watched them....waiting till they where all done.

Yummy! This will be made again.


Rebecca said...

that looks so good

Ashley said...

Thank you, they where very tasty!

Window On The Prairie said...

Oh MY...that looks so delicious.